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Ritual Self Care
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Ritual Self Care

Service + Shopping Hours

By appointment Tuesday thru Friday


314 Clifton Avenue
C100 - Carriage House
Minneapolis 55403

Phone: 612.280.3000


Give yourself a bit of extra time to find me the first time. There is usually ample parking on the street.

The red brick mansion in front says “314 Clifton Court,” and I am in the carriage house in the back. The carriage house is a separate building behind the main house. Walk down the driveway to the carriage house in the back and come in the door on the right; I am on the ground level.

I acknowledge and offer gratitude, respect & love to the Dakhóta Oyáte land where I create, work and grew up, and to the Dakhóta Oyáte people who tended and cared for the land for many, many generations. I would also like to honor my ancestral homeland, colonially known as northern New Mexico and the San Luis Valley of Colorado, where I have done much of my learning, growing and experiencing.

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