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Slow Beauty

I live and love a slow beauty lifestyle. I ponder this idea many times a day as I decide what it means for me, as I construct my own living of beauty. It is a fluid and changing way of life that embraces wholeness, individuality and authenticity. It is about cooperation and community. It is indeed something that I came into this world with in a rough form and what I have spent my life cultivating.

The world I grew up in was not always in harmony with allowing beauty. There was a lot of patriarchal structure and thinking around me that didn’t allow for reveling in beauty. In fact I think for many of us beauty has been seen as frivolous, fleeting, a waste of time or even not allowed for in a world where so many struggle and are in pain. I have come to understand that living beauty is essential for being whole in this life and it is available to all.

We live in a world of layers upon layers of distraction. There are many forces tugging at our consciousness and focus at all times looking for our attention. This fragmentation can easily create a shallow and fleeting experience of life. It can pull us away from a full and rich experience of living and loving in this world. Slow beauty is my buoy that keeps me on the path of being true to myself and nature.

Slow beauty isn’t a prescribed set of beliefs, rather it is a fluid and poetic expression of the fullness of life. It is not a quick fix or a pill that can be taken to clear out a lifetime of ingesting harmful thoughts and substances, instead it is a slow and steady practice of reframing ideas and ideals of beauty. It is about knowing yourself, caring for yourself and being yourself. It is the true expression of your authentic self. Slow beauty is the ability to live, love, create, nourish and be nourished. It is courageous self love and care.

For me beauty is a spiritual practice, something I seek everyday. Something I am thankful for many moments a day. It is a wholeness. Being able to see and feel my inner world and share it with the outer world. It is my ability to abide in awe of the amazing vital power within each one of us. It is my flame of inspiration and love. It is my offering to the world and in my work with clients.

I am a stand for the transformational power of beauty.

Here are some of the ways I practice slow beauty:

Every morning I get up before my family and take time for my ritual self care I do yoga ~ bending, breathing and being in my body I read poetry I write I exercise and get sweaty – preferably outside I stay hydrated I give myself facials ~ steam, mask and compress my skin I give myself facial massage and Gua Sha I dry brush I tend to my mouth with oil pulling, flossing and brushing I spend time relaxing with my family I connect with friends I garden I make sleep a priority I am grateful and I send my thanks out into the world as a prayer I learn about and connect with plants I spend time in nature – during every season – even in the Minnesota winter I play and have fun! I cook with and for my family and nourish myself and my loved ones I savor my food I connect with the people who grow and raise the food I eat I create a safe, nurturing and inspiring space to do my work I offer my services to the community and share the love that I feel inside


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