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The Core Self

The core self is the part of you that you came into the world with – where it all began. It is the “just you” part of yourself. The core self is sort of like the canvas that we build our lives on, that we color with our experiences. It is a distinctive part where we are grounded, present, compassionate, non-reactionary, and curious. The core self is the integral foundation of our Inner Dynamics, our inner landscape that forms our personality. In the holistic coaching that I do finding and working with the core self is a key element.

Here are some qualities that you might feel while in your core self:

  • Equinimity

  • Present

  • Aware

  • Grounded

  • Balanced

  • Curious

  • Compassionate

  • Fair-minded

  • Non-reactionary

  • Resourceful

As we move through life, our experiences shape our personalities. Most of us at some point have traumatic experiences or at least challenging experiences, and in those experiences, we learn ways of coping or ways to operate safely within them. Part of our learning is a layering of parts necessary for making our way through life. These parts of our personality many times live in our unconscious world and move in and out of the spotlight. Sometimes we may get stuck in one part without knowing we have been taken over.

Most of us need many parts of ourselves to get through a day. Many of our parts are helpful allies. They were all created with a positive intention towards our health and wellbeing, but some parts aren’t always very effective at getting us there. Discernment is a very helpful skill when coming across our parts and knowing that the core self is the one in charge of the community within is also good to keep in mind.

How can you find your core self?

I have found that in meditation, in my spiritual practices, and when I am caring for myself it is my core self that is at the fore. Many times a day I check in with that part of myself. To come home – back to that part of me that is always accepting. Without the burden of judgments, mistrust, anger, blame, and the myriad of feelings and emotions that cloud my perception, I am able to enjoy clarity and ease. I am able to sink into the present moment and be.

My hope for you is to find your core self, recognize that amazing part of you, and return to it again and again. An aspect of my coaching work is to help you get in touch with your core self so that you can make decisions from an informed perspective, from a place of clarity. Another aspect of my work is to help strengthen the relationship you have with your core self so that you can return to that place with ease.

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