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The Magic of Gua Sha

Gua Sha is an ancient massage technique based in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The technique can be used all over the body but I concentrate on face, neck and shoulders in my work. A small jade or gemstone board, stone, roller or spoon is used to apply gentle pressure to the tissue to help unwind and repattern the fascia and connective tissue.

We all have habitual ways we move and use our muscles and as we age these patterns show themselves in our face as lines and wrinkles. We also all have built up some degree of toxic load from eating, breathing, and living. This build shows up as puffiness, sagging skin, dark circles around the eyes and dull skin. As Gua Sha assists in unwinding these patterns of expression and emotion, it opens pathways for waste to leave, which helps open space for oxygen, blood, lymph and nutrients to bathe our cells.

Some methods of the technique are quite vigorous and meant to bring up bruising to promote a healing impulse in the body. I use gentle pressure rather than deep pressure so that the massage is pleasant and relaxing. This allows the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system to take a break, bringing the parasympathetic (rest, digest and restore) nervous system to come to the forefront, promoting relaxation and vitality.

Gua Sha is woven into my Facial Rejuvenation facial and I can add it to any other facial as well.

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