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Ritual Self Care
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“Nissa and Ritual Self Care is part of my health, wellness, and medical care. Her holistic approach to skin and the body is one of the most important things I can do to take care of myself. My face is the window through which I experience the world. Nissa’s healing touch, delicate tending to issues and problem areas, ability to address deeper ailments, and pampering style offers a unique experience not duplicated in the metro area. If you are looking for a lovely ambiance, attention to detail, super soft sheets and towels, organic and nourishing products, and an experience to rejuvenate and replenish yourself then book an appointment with Nissa.”

— Sherri Moe


“I had been suffering from constant sinus infections even after sinus surgery. I started seeing Nissa approximately 6 months ago for Manual Lymph Drainage, as I was tired of being on prescription medication that clearly was not working.

“After the first session I could already feel a difference and within 4 sessions I felt like a new person. Nissa truly cares about the health of each client. I am now doing what I refer to as maintenance Manual Lymph Drainage which has allowed me to explore other services from Nissa. Last month I had an amazing Facial combined with my Manual Lymph Drainage and my hope is to add on a Massage by the end of the year.

“As you can tell I can’t say enough about Nissa and her caring manner.”

— Mary Anderson


“I have been using the massage services at Ritual Self Care for several years. In February of 2019, I read Nissa’s blog on her new service of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. I was intrigued by the thought of using my own innate force for self-healing. At that time I was dealing with stress from multiple sources in my life. I was also trying to rid myself of anger and pain from my past. My body was reacting to the stress with increasing anxiety. My mind needed to be rid of the leftovers from the past.

“My very first session of BCST was remarkable. I experienced an awakening of my nervous system that felt as if a cap had been removed and the energy could flow. I left that session with a beginning sense of calmness. Each session since then has continued to increase my self-healing. It is difficult to explain what I experience during each session, other than to say I am able to feel myself letting go of my struggles and gaining a better perception of self. As an example, I went to my third session with high anxiety. I left with an understanding of my strength as a woman. The anger from the past is slowly dissipating with each session. I am able to approach the stresses of my daily life with a calmness that did not exist before. Each session I am more aware of myself, the lives surrounding me, and the beauty of it all.

“Nissa’s ability to identify where my energy flow needs assistance allows me to make each session beneficial. The self-love and magic that Nissa’s speaks of personally in her blog about BCST are apparent in that ability.”

— Pamela Jones

“In my experience, Craniosacral therapy is a modality of holding space. Space to heal. Space to be presently embodied. Space to be here, and space to arrive. Nissa’s presence within the sessions feels safe and from the heart. She creates a safe container for the body to feel held, heard, and seen. I’ve truly never experienced a more restorative healing practice in which my body is encouraged to heal itself. Thank you Nissa for the work you do – it’s been transformative and has touched every aspect of my life. I highly recommend!”

— Emma Broderick

“After a typical Biodynamic Craniosacral session with Nissa, I feel like I’ve landed on Earth for the first time. Something in me has settled in a brand new way, and I’m able to delight in simply being in the moment. I’m able to approach my day-to-day experience with authenticity, vitality, and ease. Her sessions have become a resource for me as I seek relief from discomfort and seek to expand my capacity for creativity and joy.”

— Oliver Adam

“I’ve been receiving biodynamic Craniosacral sessions from Nissa on a regular basis for about a year now, and I have to say that my experience working with her has been transformational.  She holds an extremely neutral and safe presence during each session – as a result, the inner healing is both deep and potent.  I feel more ease, vitality, and resource in my body now than I’ve felt in my whole life.  Nissa is an experienced, intelligent, intuitive, loving practitioner – I recommend her to everybody!!”

— Amanda Leaveck

“During my first lymph drainage massage with Nissa, I felt almost instantly the magic of her touch. As she worked on different areas of my body I fell into this wonderfully peaceful and relaxed state. After my third session, I noticed a real improvement in the swelling in my lower legs, I did not need to wear compression socks as often as before. I look forward with anticipation to my upcoming sessions with Nissa.”

— Caroline Bucquoy-Brown


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