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Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is a therapeutic intervention that has benefits for many of the side effects of cancer and its treatments. Some of the benefits can include a decrease in pain and anxiety, improved  sleep, and reductions in fatigue and nausea. 

In 2011 I completed a 300-hour oncology massage certification through the Peregrine Institute of Oncology Massage Training. The coursework was designed to give practitioners a high level of knowledge and hands on skill in order to safely support people with a history of cancer. The training incorporated both Eastern and Western perspectives. Since then I have worked with people living with all stages of cancer.

I have also completed training in oncology skin care and offer facials for people dealing with the side effects of cancer treatment such as dry, itchy, sensitive, including photosensitivity and inflamed skin. In addition to working with people with cancer I have extensive experience adapting massage and skincare sessions to work safely with each individual, whatever their current health status. 

To learn more about my work with people with cancer check out this article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.


Oncology Massage: 60 and 90 minutes: $120* and $155*

*Plus sales tax.

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