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We all have unique and predominant characteristics imprinted in our bodies and our psyches. Some of us are natural problem solvers, some of us thrive in social situations, some of us are natural leaders. Some of us are muscular, some long and lanky, some of us are curvier. When we understand how these characteristics are linked we have a better feel for when we are working for or against ourselves with our lifestyle and habits. Our ancestral imprint, our environment, and our lifestyle are all part of our innate and unique design.

Looking within this patterning is understanding what our biochemical constitution is. Our beings tell a story of what we have inherited and what keeps us healthy and in balance, or when we are out of balance and need to tend to our garden within. Within these stories, we can discover how best to support ourselves in times of balance and imbalance.

The constitutional approach is the study of the structure of the body, the characteristics that define your personality, and the elements of your ancestry. With this understanding, we can gain insight into how to be our very best. When we are working in harmony with our constitution, our most vibrant selves can shine through. When we are out of balance some of our less attractive attributes may pop up – that bossy and overbearing part of us, or

maybe the worrier will not rest. Health issues can also show up when we are out of balance.

I have found it helpful to dig into my constitution and learn more about the patterns in my body, my thoughts, and my outlook on life. I can feel when I am leaning into my lovely attributes or straying towards my not as pleasant patterns.

Studying the constitutions is part of Ritual Self Care Coaching. Want to know more?

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